May 2016

@bkhtech can tract its roots back to May of 2016, with the initial launch of the Bran'sTech by Brandon K. Hedgepeth. While at the time, it was simply a new name of a YouTube channel, it continued to grow over the next few years.

By the end of 2017, Bran'sTech expanded to not just technology content, but also consumer report-styled videos, in addition to several playlists, including "Throwback Thursdays," which still continues to this day. Additionally, the brand was now also represented in audio and text forms, under the respective names "Bran'sTech Podcast" and "Bran'sTech Updates."

Throwback Thursday

Ever since 2017, the Bran'sTech channel has showcased several different 'throwback' devices.

Working Ahead

While the Bran'sTech brand as a whole faced both major and minor changes throughout the years, it stayed consistent in its goal to be able to deliver technology information, and being able to help out people in any way possible.

Year of the Vision

Concluding 2019, it was decided that Bran'sTech would be relaunched as a whole, with the original podcast station and blog shut down. In its place, a new podcast station simply called "Bran'sTech" was launched to bring in the new decade, with a refreshed schedule of content. This podcast station would quickly become the new home of the brand, remaining the primary spot for content throughout the year.

New series for the new podcast were created, being Discussions and The Interview Show. The former of which is a pre-recorded series focused on different technological topics, the latter being a half-hour interview with guests.

Additionally, Riley Wavelet Productions was officially created at the start of the year as well, focusing on being able to develop and deliver Internet-first web series and short films.

Pandemic of a Problem

With the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down nearly everything by March 2020, it was difficult to imagine how anything would continue, and when exactly things could 'go back to normal.' Due to this, the current productions in progress with Riley Wavelet had to come to a close until further notice, and Bran'sTech had to indefinitely delay the newest episodes of the Interview Show and returning to YouTube.

A New Normal

While things may have been looking down for a while, this wasn't going to keep Brandon from continuing on his mission to deliver content to his followers. By August of 2020, he was back recording the Interview Show, and making new podcast content for the remainder of the year.

Fun Fact: While social distancing regulations may have prevented him from meeting with his guests in a traditional manner, he actually always recorded this series virtually.

Launching the New Journey

By November 2020, many new projects were in the works across the board, with the Interview Show returning for consistent episodes for the first time by December. With high demand for the series, a second season began recording immediately, releasing beginning in February 2021. The return to YouTube for this brand additionally was then underway as well.

Additionally, Riley Wavelet Productions was back in production of new projects, set to release beginning in March as well.

The @bkhtech branding strategy was officially launched on March 25, 2021, coinciding with the launch of the Bran'sCorner Podcast, and the new series The 24.